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The material and information usable through the “Mister Wash” app and the sites www.misterlavaggio.com, www.misterlavaggio.it and https://www.facebook.com/MisterLavaggio/ do not constitute a professional-client relationship. Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. accepts no responsibility for any problems or damage caused by errors or omissions. Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. makes every effort using all of its resources to ensure that the information on the above application and sites is up-to-date and free of errors, inaccuracies and omissions. Nevertheless, the very nature of the network and the service provided, which is based on the freedom of access to the network of an indefinite number of operators, entails the placing of advertisements and content by them, as well as by an indefinite number of users, precludes the possibility of checking all monitored sources, of which no guarantee can be given as to their reliability and accuracy. Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s., therefore, disclaims any liability for any damage, direct, indirect, incidental and consequential related to the use, own or improper use of the information contained in the ‘app and the above-mentioned sites. It is not possible to exclude the possibility that the above-mentioned application and sites could be used by unauthorized third parties to convey, on the devices of users and/or visitors malicious software. Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. disclaims all liability in case of unauthorized use of its application and sites and invites visitors and users to equip themselves with the appropriate tools to ensure secure data transmission and reception.


Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s., by means of the above-mentioned application and sites offers the user and visitors EXCLUSIVELY the possibility to choose and get in touch with operators who offer a vehicle washing service, including at home, through the use of products that allow the cleaning of the interior and exterior dry. The operators performing the washing service are NOT employees or collaborators of Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. and assume all responsibility on their own in relation to any damage or violation of regulations resulting from their activity. Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. disclaims any responsibility for possible harmful consequences resulting from the conduct, even omission of the operators, identified as Washers, as well as for possible errors omissions or misrepresentations that they provide at the time of their inclusion in the database that allows Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. to provide its selection and booking service.


It is not permitted to modify, publish, retransmit, sell, copy, create excerpts, distribute or display any part of the content of the above-mentioned application and sites, content being understood to mean any and all types of information, whatever it may be: communications, software, photos, video, graphics, audio, music, drawings, sound and in general any findable material and services, the e-mail messages and comments sent by users, visitors etc. Such content is understood to be the exclusive property of Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s., which will protect itself according to current regulations in case of abuse. Copying or adapting the HTML codes created to generate the application and the above-mentioned sites is prohibited

Comments – Feedback

Through the posting of comments or feedback messages, it is strictly prohibited to:

  • Disseminate incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information;
  • Assume the identity of third parties or misrepresent their relationship with persons or entities;
  • Spreading vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, illegal, defamatory, libelous, threatening, abusive content;
  • Make intimidation or threats and generally send material or information in violation of the law;
  • Transmitting promotional materials or carrying out any kind of advertising.

Login credentials

Each user or visitor is held responsible for any statements made, acts and omissions that can be directly related to the use of their login credentials, such as username and/or password. Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. may at any time terminate a user’s membership in the event of violation of any requirement stated herein or rule of law or at the request of the competent Public Safety and/or Supervisory Authorities.

Third-party sites

The application and the aforementioned sites may contain some links to third party sites, for which Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. does not operate any control over the content, products or services that may be offered, nor on the methods of processing of personal data and security used and, therefore , is not responsible for any violations of the law put in place through such sites. Browsing third-party sites is, therefore, done at the sole risk of the user/visitor himself/herself. Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. disclaims any responsibility for any damage that may be suffered by the latter while browsing such sites.Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. is not responsible for the lack of use of the service that may depend on problems of connection to the Internet and for any malfunctions.


Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s. reserves the right to make changes to this document at any time. The user is required to check the disclaimer and legal notices each time he/she uses the application and accesses the previously mentioned sites, as such use, subsequent to any changes, will result in their automatic acceptance by the user.


For any dispute arising in connection with access to or use of the above-mentioned application or sites, or in connection with the use of the material therein, or for any other reason, between the user and Mister Lavaggio s.r.l.s., the user accepts the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.