What we offer our customers

Mister Washing offers a wide range of in-home car washing services to ensure customers take the best care of their vehicles. It therefore proves to be the most suitable solution for every type of vehicle and every type of dirt.

Interior Cleaning

Using the latest biodegradable tools and products, we guarantee perfect interior cleaning service and the highest quality in any dirty condition.

Our washers take care of individual details with extreme accuracy. In particular, the following are carried out:

  • Dirt removal from carpet and upholstery
  • Cleaning the dashboard and interior parts
  • cleaning of steering wheel, mirrors, windows, trunk, hat rack, pedals, air vents, pockets and doors
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Exterior Cleaning and Complete Washing

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The exterior body wash is the one that allows you to appreciate the superior quality of our service the most. The absence of water prevents the formation of halos, and the handmade wash ensures the utmost attention to detail.

The layer of wax released during the wash is reminiscent of the typical shine of a newly purchased car. Attention to detail is also guaranteed for windows, wheels, fenders and tires.

Finally, among the home carwash services, the comprehensive one includes interior and exterior washing.

Upholstery, sanitization, odor removal and more

In addition to classic washing, Mister Washing offers a number of extra home car wash services that are highly valued by customers.

With upholstery refurbishment, all kinds of stains can be removed from carpeting, headliner, trunk, and seats. The customer can choose to have complete cleaning or only individual parts cleaned.

Indoor sanitization is a process of eliminating bad odors, dust mites and bacteria that usually lurk in the air conditioning system.

Many others are extra services, and the range is constantly being updated.

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Why it is the best choice

Convenience and time-saving: book on the go by choosing the date and location of the wash. We really wash your car everywhere and without moving it an inch.You meanwhile don’t waste time and devote yourself to the things you like to do.

Maximum quality and car care: at-home car washing services performed by hand ensure a higher quality result than traditional water washing and allow for greater care of the bodywork and attention to detail.

Eco-friendly: lowers the environmental impact of car washes, no residue is produced, no water is wasted, and all products used are environmentally friendly.

The security of professional service provided by a structured company that strongly believes in training its operators and invests in research and development to ensure better and better service to its customers.

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