The car wash revolution

Mister Wash is a revolutionary car washing experience. A home service that is professional, safe on the body shop, green, and can be booked via mobile app.

Our idea was born in response to the increased demand for convenient services that can be used anywhere, anytime and in an environmentally friendly way.

Mister Wash’s mission is to change the way people experience car washing. With our service, you go from a time-consuming and tedious activity to a simple and convenient experience, with an excellent result and respecting the environment.

The home car wash that gives back time

Time is a scarce resource, a precious commodity to be safeguarded. People have less and less time to devote to activities such as going to the car wash, waiting their turn, and waiting for the service to end.

Mr. Washing aims to give more free time. Simply book the wash at any desired location and time, and one of our operators will travel to the location to perform the home service.

There is no need to move the car due to waterless washing techniques, no residue is produced, no machinery or generator sets are needed, and no disposal, purification or drainage facilities for wastewater.

The car is being washed while you devote yourself to your family, your work, your entertainment or simply relaxing.

comodo servizio a domicilio di lavaggio auto

Superior service

Pulizia professionale

The quality of the service is more lax than that of a traditional car wash, as it is scrupulously performed by hand by a specialist following a well-defined, tested and established protocol.

The wash is safe for bodywork, does not cause scratches, abrasions or other damage, leaves no haloes, and is longer lasting.

Because of its simplicity and guaranteed result, this system proves to be the best for washing all types of cars and on all types of dirt, even stubborn dirt such as mud.

Mister Washing’s at-home car wash service has already been chosen and adopted by major brands for cleaning luxury cars, classic cars and larger vehicles such as RVs, caravans, private jets and boats.

Zero-impact car wash

Mister Wash is not only the best choice to make your car shine, but it is above all an ethical and environmentally sustainable choice to help protect the environment.

With an average of 300 million washes per year, Italy alone consumes 40 . billion liters of water to wash cars, compounded by the heavy environmental impact caused by the use of harsh detergents, waxes and foaming agents. With Mister Wash you save be 150 liters of water per wash and 150 grams of detergents.

The innovative waterless system, with the help of new-generation, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products, makes it possible to achieve an excellent quality result, avoiding the production of liquid or solid residues and protecting the health of washers.

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